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Rewilding, our small experiment, a project that the Jhb Animal Eye Hospital has started in February 2021. 


This webpage is still under construction,

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“Rewilding” refers to restoring (an area of land) to its natural uncultivated state (used especially with reference to the reintroduction of species of wild animal that have been driven out or exterminated).


Sir David Attenborough, in his recent film, “A Life on our Planet”(Netflix), says that in his lifetime, 70% of the world’s wild places have been destroyed. He says that environmental destruction (including climate change) is the world’s most important issue.

  • 96% of the mass of mammals on earth are humans and our domesticated animals;

  • 76% of the birds on earth are in our farms;

  • 50% of the world’s fertile land is cultivated.


The loss of biodiversity is threatening to collapse the life of the earth.

He offers five key actions to reverse this trend:

  • Reduce waste, live modestly, limit consumption;

  • Reduce meat consumption; change to a more plant-based diet;

  • Use more clean/renewable energy and other sustainable resources;

  • Manage the oceans better (network of no-fish zones);

  • Allow nature to recover -encourage bio-diversity, rewild. 




“Learn to live with Nature, rather than against it”


“Less bio-diversity implies a less stable world”




This small rewilding project includes:

  • Plants that produce seeds for birds (millet & sunflowers)

  • Bird perch sites

  • Birdbath

  • Hibernaculum (winter retreats for insects)

  • Other insect attracting plants in the garden


We hope to demonstrate how simple actions can facilitate biodiversity even in an urban area.

It’s a work in progress…. More to come. Visit us again to see what’s new.

“A Life on Our Planet” - Trailer (2 min)

“A Life on Our Planet” Trailer (2 min)

“How to save our planet“ (8 min)“How to save our planet“ (8 min)“How to save our planet“ (8 min)

“How to save our planet“

(8 min)

“Our Planet” series (Eps 1. 49min) (Netflix) “Our Planet” series (Eps 1. 49min) (Netflix) “Our Planet” series (Eps 1. 49min) (Netflix)

“Our Planet”

series (Eps 1. 49min) (Netflix)